Learn to Read, Write and Speak Gujarati Kakko Letter ṬHa (ઠ)

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In this video, Swara and Agna teaches you how to read, write and speak Gujarati letter ṬHa (ઠ).

In this video, Swara & Agna are taking kids on a secret mission. After completing all missions, kids will be an expert at letter ṬHa (ઠ).

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Printable Gujarati Letter ṬHA Activity Worksheet

This printable worksheet pdf contains two activities. Depending your kid’s age and interest, you may introduce your young explorer to either one or both of the activities. This activity is an extension to the above video so make sure your kids watch the video before they start this activity.

Color Activity

This activity is intended for very young children. The aim of this activity is to introduce your kiddos with Gujarati alphabets while their inner artist is working on making this page colorful.

Tracing Activity

This activity is intended for kids who are young enough to identify the Gujarati letter (or English alphabets). This activity helps them practice writing the Gujarati letters. Kids follow the dotted line in the direction of arrow to practice writing.

Gujarati alphabet ṬHa coloring and tracing activity

Download Activity Worksheet Pdf

You may download and print other Gujarati alphabets/letters activity worksheets from Gujarati Kakko Activity Worksheet page.

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