History Behind Gujarati Learner Logo

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Gujarati Learner Website is dedicated for kids who want to learn how to read, write and speak Gujarati.

After watching many YouTube channels featuring their favorite toys, Swara & Agna wanted to have their own YouTube channel. Once Swara was determined to have a YouTube channel for teaching Gujarati, her father Vishal asked her to come up with a logo.

Next morning, Swara drew a logo on a paper with pastel colors. She told that this is the logo she came up with in her dream.

Hand drawn Gujarati Learner logo by Swara

Final logo was revised based on Swara’s recommendation. Swara suggested and finalized logo colors.

Gujarati Learner Logo
Final Gujarati Learner Logo



  1. DEVIKA Dhruva says:

    Excellent idea, thoughts and efforts

  2. DEVIKA Dhruva says:


  3. Mitesh Gandhi says:

    Great way to learn Gujarati. Pls. keep up good work inspiring kids learning Gujarati our mother tongue.

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